Dental Practice Optimization

Resolve:  At R-I-M Dental Management Consultants we work with you to Resolve where you want to go and set in motion realistic goals to build off of your strengths.  You can count on us to hold you accountable to your commitments.  What do you envision for yourself and your practice?  What differentiates you from your competitors?  What actions will you truly commit to and know in your heart you will achieve?

Implement:  As experienced Dental Management Consultants we are experts in change management.  We have the knowledge and ability to guide you as you Implement improvements to your systems to achieve your desired results.  You can trust us to manage the changes needed in your practice in a way that is respectful, manageable and delivers the results you are looking for.  We help you develop strategies unique to your practice and set numeric goals that are supported by a patient centered focus on the delivery of your services.

Measure:  As certified Dental Management Consultants we work with you to Measure and manage change for sustainability.  We help you develop your leadership style to obtain your desired results.  Leadership is a commitment on your part to lead toward your preferred future and away from your fears.  We offer you the tools and metrics to create objectivity to manage your team in a way that helps them understand that financial goals and analysis of the numbers will tell the story of your team’s successes and your opportunities for improvement.  Management will insure that we achieve your goals by focusing on results.  Results are a combination of consistency and integrity.  As your Dental Management Consultants we encourage you and your team to keep your agreements and through our measurement tools create a culture of respectable accountability.

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