How we work

At R-I-M Dental Management Consultants we customize our programs to suit your individual needs – we work with you to develop a completely customized approach to your practice needs. Sustainable change takes time.  We are happy to work with you on an individual system need or on a more comprehensive basis for our full R-I-M program.  After initial discussions and observation, we can determine the amount of time needed to obtain the results you are looking for.

All of your key systems are inter-related and build off of each other for a strong foundation.  After our initial observation, we will clarify how your current systems are working together and determine the systems that need to be updated for the health and profitability of your practice.

Change Management is our specialty.  We look at the sequential nature of the system change needed to offer you results faster.  In order for change to be a permanent part of your culture, the timing for implementation and follow through needs to be managed carefully.

We work on a month to month basis as we are confident you will see the value in our work.  As professionals we ask for a six month commitment for our R.I.M. comprehensive program as our up front work is intensive.  We price our program based on the systems needed for your practice.

We are confident in our process and are more than happy to give relevant references.  By working together to implement our strategies, your practice becomes more profitable,  and we are there to support you and your team along the way.

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